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Corazon, framed.copy 2 A few months ago I was asked to paint this handsome Andalusian horse as a surprise for his owner. I photographed him as he happily performed the Spanish walk around his enclosure. He was so delightful to behold! My heart always leaps when I see a gorgeous horse like Corazon and I am so happy his owner was surprised and loves her painting!

One of my greatest joys is to paint a horse for a client. I love the entire process and know that the bond of love is the greatest gift shared by the partnership between the horse and their person. I came across this photo recently from a commission portrait of ‘Tara’ I completed several years ago. She truly is a gorgeous chestnut mare that really has a 3 foot long mane! My photo session with her was fantastic and I soaked in her beauty and engaging personality. Her motion and beauty in person was breathtaking. Thank you Vickie for asking me to paint this pastel painting for you of your darling horse Tara. IMG_2993 copyA very precious memory for me.

‘I dream of painting then I paint my dream’. I enjoy exploring the abstract process of painting. ‘Equine Essence I’ was a wonderful journey of gestural mark making in acrylic paint. The spontaneous mark making makes this a fun and engaging painting.

 Gestural mark making and use of color make this an engaging and delightful painting.

Gestural mark making and use of color make this an engaging and delightful painting.

I am always so thankful to be an artist and to paint the vision that clients present to me. Such is the case with this painting ‘True Love’. A client sent me the photo of his daughter and her precious beloved horse. He explained to me that his daughter was now 28 and her beloved had recently passed away. He really liked my painting ‘Fluid Motion’ and asked if I could paint a painting like that one, in the same color palette with color and gesture, of the photo he gave to me.A precious memory, a moment in time.True Love, watermarkhorse and girl, small file copy This is what his request became. I am so grateful to him for asking me to create a painting that is so personal for his family.

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