Janet paints in pastel and oil and especially enjoys palette knife oil painting. Since childhood, Janet has loved to draw horses and rode these beautiful creatures whenever possible. She exercised polo ponies for several years and lovingly cared for two horses of her own. While she enjoys painting all creatures, she is now focusing her art on this magnificent animal. She especially enjoys her commission paintings of not only horses, but the people who love them, dogs, cows and other creatures.


Jewel was a very special horse. A beautiful quarter horse that was truly a soul friend to her owner. A few months ago her daughter came to me and asked me if I could paint her as a surprise for her mom. She explained to me how this horse was truly a friend, wonderful riding horse and sweet companion to her mom. Jewel was not here in this world nearly long enough and her presence was deeply missed. She only had a few photos of her. She told me that her mom had said on several occasions how she would love a painting of Jewel as if she were looking in the window at her. I pondered the photos and what this would mean to her and began on my composition and painting. She had a very unusual eye and I knew that was an important element to this painting. We surprised her a few weeks ago by asking her over for tea. After having tea we walked into my studio. She was telling us how much she would love a painting of Jewel and looked at her painting she said ‘Something just like that’! Her daughter and I smiled and she then realized, this was her painting of Jewel! She was truly surprised loves it! The element of surprise was so much fun! Thank you my friend for trusting me with this precious gift!

There is such a profound bond and friendship between a woman and her horse. Many of us have experienced this and know how special this connection of love truly is. This drawing depicts this for me…who is she? I don’t exactly know, she lives inside my imagination.

‘The Unspoken Bond Of Love’ This charcoal drawing was drawn as I reflected on the profound bond of love between a woman and her horse.

I know that men do too, but as a female I know that we really seek the company of our horse for solace and friendship. Just being with our horse can lower our blood pressure and quiet our minds.

Painting is a fun and interesting journey. I often wonder as I paint who the painting will go too, who will know that this painting is meant for them. Last October my friend and client, Dorothy came to my Open Studios Art Show and fell in love with this oil painting, ‘Night Dancers.’ It was immediate and she told me, this is the one. Thank you Dorothy for adding this colorful painting of horses to your home! We both feel such deep passion for these beautiful creatures. I am so happy that this painting now lives with you!

Night Dancers, oil on canvas and Dorothy

Join me in my studio for a tour of my paintings, drawings and sculptures! My studio will be open to the public October 16th & 17th 2021, from 11 am to 5 pm. My studio is located at 471 Larch lane, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95062

The process of creation is one of great love and passion! These ceramic sculptures may capture your imagination too. You are invited to visit my studio and my paintings, drawing and ceramic sculptures for Open Studios Art Tour October 2nd & 3rd and 16th & 17th. The hours are from 11 am to 5 pm at my art studio located at 471 Larch lane, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95062

Commission Surprise

A photo of Tommy

I really enjoy commission paintings. Especially when it is a surprise! My friend Karla asked me to paint her dear friend’s horse Tommy as a surprise gift for Tommy’s owner Kriss. I made arrangements with the barn owner where Tommy lives and hoped that Kriss would not stop by while I was there. When I arrived the horses were finishing up breakfast and Tommy was busy chewing his hay. Most of the photos that I took had his mouth in odd chewing positions. I waited patientley until Tommy finally looked over at me as if to say, why are you still here? Photo taken, no chewing! We met last weekend at a local winery where Karla gave the painting to her friend Kriss. She loved her painting of her beloved horse! It was a very fun day.

I am so blessed to meet such sweet people through creating my artworks. Its like a resonance between us and the paintings are the conduit.

‘Good Luck Rooster lll’ and ‘Curious Calf’

Over the past 10 years Araceli and her daughter have visited me at Open Studios. We always have such a nice exchange whenever I see them. Thank you to Araceli and her daughter Kristin for acquiring these three paintings and making them a part of their home.
It makes my heart so happy!!

Thank you Araceli for bringing this painting into your home and into your heart!