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About Janet

Janet Ferraro " Welcome to my website. I truly love the horses and animals that I paint. They have such a profound way of touching our spirits and they personally speak to my heart. Our relationship with animals has the power to transform our consciousness, nourish our spirits and delight our hearts. I have found that horses are brilliant teachers and painting them with the power they possess is what I seek each time I paint. Capturing the magnificence, personality and beauty of an animal in a painting is what my artistic expression means to me. Sometimes what I want to say can only be done through the process of creation. Thank you to all of you who commission me to paint those precious to you.

I've been involved with horses my whole life and have always been fascinated by their beauty, elegant movement and their ability to communicate not only with each other but with us too. Anyone who has truly loved and known horses will agree. My art background has been self taught along with college courses in art and design. I have been painting for 25 years from landscapes, explorations into abstract expressionism and of course the equine form. My 10 years experience as a fashion designer really taught me about form and color. I designed fabric prints as well as junior fashion designs and sold my clothing line to over 1,200 stores. My business was based in Honolulu and I know that this experience along with the beauty and colors of Hawaii have greatly influenced my art expression.

I invite you to wander through the galleries of my original paintings here and as you do, I hope you not only enjoy them but begin to get a sense of the passion and love for these divine creatures that went into creating them."
- Janet

Janet paints in pastel and oil and especially enjoys palette knife oil painting. Since childhood, Janet has loved to draw horses and rode these beautiful creatures whenever possible. She exercised polo ponies for several years and lovingly cared for two horses of her own. While she enjoys painting all creatures, she is now focusing her art on this magnificent animal. She especially enjoys her commission paintings of not only horses, but the people who love them, dogs, cows and other creatures.