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Yesterday I shipped my oil painting ‘Peace Keeper’ to its new home in Minnesota. Its always a little bitter sweet to send them off. As an artist I am very connected to my work and truly love my paintings. I appreciate this collector who added Peace Keeper to his collection of my art. I know that he and his wife truly love the bison that I paint. Having my paintings resonate with such wonderful people is truly a gift.

So why do I paint bison you may ask? The bison are native to our beautiful country and represent such profound power, strength and courage. If you ever see a bison in the wild, you too may be struck with awe and reverence as I was. This bison is looking at you, calm and peaceful, yet filled with great power and strength. He is the Peace Keeper.

I was blessed to visit Yellowstone several years ago with my family. We saw many herds of bison from a distance, but one early morning while driving, we quickly stopped our car as 70 or so bison came out of the woods and began trotting down the road towards us. I was amazed to see them, hear the sounds they make and feel our car vibrate from the pounding of their hooves. They passed by our car so close that I could have touched them. Looking into their eyes and hearing the low rolling sounds from the bulls and seeing the calves trotting along side their mothers. It was such a beautiful experience!

I think I will always be drawn back to painting the bison. They now live in my heart and soul.

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About Janet

Janet Ferraro " My guiding light as an artist is expressing the power, movement and sensitive nature of horses and other animals. So many of us know the beauty and love shared by us and the animals. It is an emotional kinship. I find great joy in creating a painting where the life and soul can be seen and felt not just by me, but the viewer as well. In creating a piece I often combine engaging expressions in my subjects that evoke emotional curiosity along with dynamic energy, life and spirit circling within the composition. My paintings are first felt in my heart and are complete when the spirit of the piece arouse a feeling of intimate communication. My mission is to accurately portray the equine form, combined with color, inspired originality, infused with living essence. I will continue to paint in oil with expressive brushwork, inspired by the vibrant animals that dance through my mind."
- Janet