Today I want to dedicate my diary page to the beautiful horse Sirena. This Paso Fino Chestnut mare taught so many of us about life, love, dedication and compassion.


She came into my dear friend’s life in a sorry state, ready to die, so my friend was told. Instead this 24 year old, mother of 12, thrived under MerryLee’s loving care and went on to carry her through lifes’ process of learning to ride, trusting her horse and flying with the wind through her hair on the back of her beloved.

Sirena, with her flaxen mane and tail was any girls fantasy princess horse with the long blond pony tail and beautiful full mane, just asking for flowers to be woven through. She loved to lead the way through the trails and meadows of Senda Ladera setting the pace for the younger horses. She taught many of our friends who weren’t sure that they even wanted to ride, not only how to ride, but the bliss that ensues as the wind flies through your hair and the rhythm of the gallop vibrates you into laughter.

Sirena is 35 now and seems ready to frolic through the meadows on the other side of this life. Thank you Sirena for your patience. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Thank you for your sensitivity and for taking such good care of my daughter. We love you, will cherish every moment spent with you and wish you bliss as you join the herd in heaven.