Pregnant Mare Rescue takes in horses that are often going to slaughter that are pregnant. This organization works selflessly around the clock caring for these precious horses.

To Learn more about Pregnant Mare Rescue, please click here to visit their website. They gladly accept donations. You may also contact them if you wish to volunteer or provide a home for their rescues.

Thank you!

Janet Ferraro with foal Janet Ferraro at PMR
Phone: (831) 464-3738
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About Janet

Janet Ferraro " My guiding light as an artist is expressing the power, movement and sensitive nature of horses and other animals. So many of us know the beauty and love shared by us and the animals. It is an emotional kinship. I find great joy in creating a painting where the life and soul can be seen and felt not just by me, but the viewer as well. In creating a piece I often combine engaging expressions in my subjects that evoke emotional curiosity along with dynamic energy, life and spirit circling within the composition. My paintings are first felt in my heart and are complete when the spirit of the piece arouse a feeling of intimate communication. My mission is to accurately portray the equine form, combined with color, inspired originality, infused with living essence. I will continue to paint in oil with expressive brushwork, inspired by the vibrant animals that dance through my mind."
- Janet