This painting has great sentimental meaning to me. I painted this painting of this mighty Buffalo after visiting Yellowstone Park. We were driving one morning in Yellowstone when suddenly a herd of Bison came out of a wooded area and began trotting towards our car. We stopped and gasped as 70 or so bison, males, females and calves, came trotting down the road and trotted by our car. We couldn’t believe the power and size of these beautiful animals. I could have reached out the window and touched them. Seeing all of these horns coming towards us, hearing the weight of their hooves on the pavement, our car shaking in response, and the low guttural sound that the bulls make. It was a memory that I will never forget! Then this story came to me via a friend…Buffalo Chasing the Storm
As the story goes…’when a storm comes a cow will see the storm and run from it, causing the storm to chase it and the cow being in the storm a long time. But the mighty buffalo will face the storm and walk right into it, causing it to go through it much more quickly.’ A metaphor for life. We are served best by facing the storm and challenges that come to us, like the mighty buffalo.