BayamoI really enjoy creating commission paintings. Honoring the bond of love, bringing forth the spirit and beauty of your horse or pet and working with you to create your painting is such a wonderful and meaningful experience. My clients tell me that my paintings speak to their hearts and that brings me such joy and gratitude! Creating a painting for you is not only technical application but a spiritual experience too. The love between us and our animals is a precious bond, like no other. When creating a painting I can use your photographs or I am happy to come out and meet your companion and take the photographs for you at no additional charge if you are within a reasonable distance. My original hand painted paintings or drawings are available in oil paint on stretched canvas, dry pastel on paper or charcoal on paper. My custom painting price list and sizes are available. Just send me a message and I am happy to e-mail you. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 831-464-3738 or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing about your pet, what you love about them and your ideas for your painting. Also please tell me the colors you want to see, what paintings of mine speak to you. I create realism or impressionistic paintings, the choice is up to you!

A painting for Beth of her horse Sadie.

A painting for Beth of her horse Sadie.

I will work from photographs that you provide for me  or I can travel to meet your horse or pet for a photo session. I enjoy meeting your horse or pet when possible and taking the photos to capture their beauty, movement and expressions that are unique to them. Each horse or pet has very special qualities. I will share my best photos with you or send me your photos, details and ideas to discuss the final painting. Tell me what you’d like to see in the finished painting such as size, personality, composition such as head only , partial or full body and color preferences. A 50 % deposit is required once I am commissioned and or at the time of photography and the balance is due at the time of completion. If more than one subject is to be included in the painting we can discuss the price for this too. Framing is not included in my commission price but I am happy to help you with this. I can include a quote with framing.
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Commission painting for Lora

Commission painting for Lora

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the details of this wonderful lifetime gift  by e-mail at or by phone at 831-464-3738. To view more samples of my custom paintings and commissions go to my Gallery page, then go to the header that lists the art mediums and click ‘Commissions’.

Client Testimonials

“Amazing artist…her work exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her to anyone that wishes a perfect portrait! Janet is caring, patient and her many kindnesses and love for art shines through all in which she creates. A perfect keepsake that will always be treasured and is a treasure!” Cheryl

“The painting was beautiful and looked exactly as I imagined it, perfectly matching the real life picture. The details seen in the horses face are absolutely immaculate! Janet was always willing to help and very forthcoming throughout. The painting was completed on time and arrived in perfect condition. I couldn’t have chosen a better artist for creating this meaningful painting for our family and can recommend Janet one hundred percent!” Lea

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Impressionistic Abstract

I photographed all of these horses at liberty and created this original composition and painting for Rachele of her entire herd of horses.

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About Janet

Janet Ferraro " My guiding light as an artist is expressing the power, movement and sensitive nature of horses and other animals. So many of us know the beauty and love shared by us and the animals. It is an emotional kinship. I find great joy in creating a painting where the life and soul can be seen and felt not just by me, but the viewer as well. In creating a piece I often combine engaging expressions in my subjects that evoke emotional curiosity along with dynamic energy, life and spirit circling within the composition. My paintings are first felt in my heart and are complete when the spirit of the piece arouse a feeling of intimate communication. My mission is to accurately portray the equine form, combined with color, inspired originality, infused with living essence. I will continue to paint in oil with expressive brushwork, inspired by the vibrant animals that dance through my mind."
- Janet