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Welcome to my YouTube channel, Janet Ferraro Art Studio. I will be sharing speed painting and drawing videos, demos and helpful art techniques and tips to improve your artistic process. Fun and insightful, the artistic journey is a wonderful process to explore. Thank you for joining me on YouTube.com and my channel, Janet Ferraro Art Studio.

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This painting is a commission in oil that I recently painted for my friend JoAnn. ‘Bobby’ was a playful and humorous boy whom she adopted from the Police Dept. when he was retired. He served as a police horse for most of his life and she was delighted to bring him home to join her herd. She told me how loving he was and funny too. He would grab the grooming brush in his mouth and trot around the corral waving it in the air! I wish I had met him before he crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago. I know how she misses him. I truly loved painting him!

I have been enjoying having my hands in clay again. These Angelic horses will be joining my herd of paintings and drawings for my upcoming Open Studios Art Tour 2019 show in October. The show information is on my exhibition page here on my website. I am adding more underglazes and glaze before they go back into the kiln.

This painting is really meaningful to me. It honors a magnificent Arabian stallion that was truly a prince. My cousin bred Arabians for show and sale and she was truly passionate about the Arabian breed. Her Prince was like her soul mate. She had other stallions but we all knew Prince was her favorite. He was amazing, beautiful and so patient. Anyone from 4 year olds to beginner riders were safe with him. He just knew how to take care of everyone around him. I am so grateful to have known this beautiful boy. He was a true Prince.

Studio time is my happy place! This painting is just past the underpainting stage. My herd of paintings is growing! Open Studios Art Tour is over a month away!

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