Jewel was a very special horse. A beautiful horse that was truly a soul friend to her owner. A few months ago her daughter came to me and asked me if I could paint her as a surprise for her mom. She explained to me how this horse was truly a friend, wonderful riding horse and sweet companion to her mom. Jewel was not here in this world nearly long enough and her presence was deeply missed. She only had a few photos of her, none were ideal for a painting. She told me that her mom had said on several occasions how she would love a painting of Jewel as if she were looking in the window at her. I pondered the photos and what this would mean to her and began on my composition and painting. She had a very unusual eye and I knew that was an important element to this painting. Using my imagination was key as I never met this special horse and the photo references were not clear. We surprised her mom, Leslie, a few weeks ago by asking her over for tea. After having tea we walked into my studio. She was telling us how much she would love a painting of Jewel and looked at her painting she said ‘Something just like that’! Her daughter and I smiled and she then realized, this was her painting of Jewel! She was truly surprised loves it! The element of surprise was so much fun! Thank you my friend for trusting me with this precious gift!