Creative Diary

My client sent me this photo of her giclee print she had framed of ‘Aramis’. I really like the colors that she chose and so appreciate you sending it to me! Thank you so much!

‘Majestic Dancer’, available original hanging in my studio. This painting really has action and energy! Then as your eye moves through the canvas it rests on the soulful eye of this wise and magnificent horse. Close up detail photos.

As the story goes, when a storm is coming a cow will see it and will run from the storm, therefore having the storm chase it. However a buffalo will face the storm, taking it head on, therefore moving through the storm more quickly. That is what my client told me as he asked me Continue Reading

I always enjoy drawing. Its what really led me to work in pastel. In this recently completed drawing I used charcoal and a small amount of pastel over a wash of india ink and watercolor. This horse is expressive and full of power! ‘Unbridled Passion’ is matted in a 23 X 26 inch frame and Continue Reading

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